Monday, February 11, 2008

Things that make you go...


Like why in the hell Arsenio Hall is out and loose again. But aside from the fantastic dog pound he had, he also had a segment on things that make you go hmmm...

Like for instance. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it or see it and it rots before anyone knew it existed, did it really fall?

Or like. If your "good friend" is black and you only say racist things to people who totally understand that "you're just saying and all...not to be mean though right..." does that make you a racist? What if you only say "Hey my cracker!" to your bff? Still.

Or how about. Say you pay for something. Like uhmmm...weight watchers. And you never use it. Except that when you were not paying for it and you were trying to be good, you lost no weight. But then you paid for it and the tithing Gods said "You deserve a negative 8 week again". I mean, do you really need it?

Oh another one. Like how it is a really REALLY good thing that your priest is also remarried cause if he wasn't, when he went through the details of you and your fiance's divorces (not plural each, one for each), he didn't sweat a bullet. Or flinch either for that matter. Crazy non-medicated folks and all (that needs no commentary...carry on...carry on and Alex...if you don't put my REAL name in your address is going to get wild up in here).

Oh yeah one more. How about fudge brownies. Not as sabotage, but as curvature insurance.

I got home really late today. Just workin on getting some work done. When I got here, I got the best welcome ever. Just a greeting at the door and a big hug and a genuine happiness to see me. I so can't wait to have kids. Not ugly ones (please don't jinx me) like the baby on Friday Night Lights (sorry Gracie), but happy ones like my nephew. And I LOVE that show. Smash is gonna get what he needs...fave desert and a good coach who cares and all.

Here is to second chances. Here here.

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