Thursday, February 07, 2008

Paging Big White...paging Big White!!

Elvis has left the building. I repeat, Elvis has left the building. Yeah right crazy! lol

So the kid I administered the LSAT for today. El Pasoan. So I'm thinking...maybe it is a sign. First was the almost move back. Then came the Myspace flood. Then came Mr. LSAT. But I think there are crazy people in El Paso. I could be mistaken.

And Alex, cancel it. No matter what "it" is, you have more important things to do. And don't you "whatever woman" me. I promise you and Rachel won't have to have "the talk" with this one. Responsible partier and all (smile). Golf. ICK! Okay so I'm jealous. Whatevers.

Rach might be coming my way, so I say all the rest of my newly found again El Paso friends should come too. In what...two weeks? Three? I've got plenty of space!

Oh yeah Big White...the heaters in the house (friggin' "hot water heaters" my arse) are not working so I had to have R go and lay some pipe. I hear it is good for two 15, 17 years or something like that. Yeah. And I went there. Oh yeah and remind me to talk to you about your mad sewing skills. While Rachel is in town. Cause we could do this to it you know what I'm saying? Yeah you do.

Okay, catchups done. It is Friday!! Well, for the two of us it is. Tomorrow, we get to go and see

the dude in the picture at this link

Excited much? Why yes. Yes I am.


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