Saturday, February 02, 2008

HAM Saturday

Yes, even over here.

There are about a million and one different titles I could have for my post today:

If it looks, smells and feels like it, maybe it is not.
He's the rockstar, I'm the groupie.
This is just a hot ass mess
Well, I guess you'll just have to figure out an alternative life plan for a year eh?
You are so cute when you're jealous!
Twenty something was so fun...when are you buying a corvette?
Did she really say 189? But she meant 389 right?
100, 75...50...does it really matter??
You know you're a crafter when your pearl tipped pins double as toothpicks
Believe you and me both...a sister knows when we're out of Tobasco sauce
I love that boy...and that one two...
Yeah, you are going to need to get a hotel room
I don't know if it is YOUR walking distance, but it is my pre-Tibet walking distance
Get a LIFE already and no, I don't mean you should gank mines.
I used to demand the overthrow of the top 5% back in college...

And on and on.

Such a full, productive day AND I even got to watch the debates again AND take a nap AND...oh yeah...I promised not to talk about that (smile). But wedding planning is going very well. So without further ado, I'll put up the finalist poll for the top three hair did getters.

#2 #7 #11

<---------------------------Vote There.
And maybe next Friday, I'll go dress shopping. Maybe not. Probably so.

Superbowl tomorrow. Gotta be sure to watch the commercials so we can chat it up!
P.S. I broke the tie between 2 and 9. But the sideswept look was bringing back bittersweet memories so...2 it was.

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