Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Almost Spring | Listed

If I had my camera, you still wouldn't believe the amazing blue skies we've got going on today.

So much to say, so much work to do...what is a girl to do.  Like you don't know.

Potomac Primaires! Hypothetically, if we gave every next state out at 45/55 margins...okay...40/60.  Uhmmm...yeah. Hypothetically CNN.  Hypothetically.

Where did the rain go?  Away.  Not like yesterday when it did a slow creep back up on us.  But like today walk around with no coat on. 

Save the dates: check.

Proof?  Okay...

Printed Save the Date 3 Printed Save the Date 2 

Right. Cost me all of what...$15 once the ink cartridge recycling and gift certificate were cashed in.  $10 under budget there. Which I sorely need cause the Post Office is jackin' prices again and the friggin' invites are going to be a hot penny to mail.  Might need to get that two cents back from JJ.

Wedding blog readers...almost check. Wedding website up and running.  Yes, a website and a blog.  You need two perspectives on this HAM dontcha?  Thought so.

Great chatting last night with folks you would never believer were Obamaholics.

Valentine's Day is almost here.  Love that dude so much--and he could so totally take a trip to El Paso without me and be set.  I think they like him better than they like me.  Not fair.  But I ain't trippin'.

Chocolate and wine this weekend.  And probably at some specific wineries that we want to taste before committing for the reception.  That's a thought.  We can bring in our own wine fyi.

I saw the hottest little box at Marshalls last night.  Two of them really--one was almost big enough for a wedding dress.  But I don't roll through the line at Marshalls with anything without a price tag because I don't have patience like that.  The smaller box would have been perfect, but I need to broach the subject with Robert first about that "non-traditional" stuff.  But then I also found these platters.  Price was sooooo right.  BUT they only had 4 of them.  And I need at least like 6...probably more like 8.  Would have been perfect for a table scape.  PERFECT.  And so in our colors.  I might go get them bad boys yet.  Gotta check out the other Marshals to make sure I'm not missing out.

57 very happy potential 1Ls today. I like sending out happy mail at work.

And I'll be darned if I didn't get this in the mail:

KI Planner

Jill's mini album was HOT.  And since it is finally in print, I can share my mini album as well.  They only showed the mini album within the mini album so I'll share the rest.  Just as soon as I find those photos.  Hey...I did that album like two years ago.  At least.  I don't want to have to re-photog it all over again so cross your fingers for that.  There have been two laptop crashes in the meantime so...I think I know where they are at.  If I find them, I'll post them to the scrap blog for your viewing.  Title of the album (it was the Color Theory contest) was:

A Colorful love not so black and white.

Cute eh?  The journaling was off the hook if I do say so myself.  Loved that line of stuff--loved all the words associated with each color...yeah.  Go find that I guess and just fyi, that little 2008 Idea Planner IS the cutest little felted planner I have EVER seen.  Ever.

If your name is on the list below, I need your address.  Don't tell me I already have it because if you saw the state of my email inbox, you'd understand why it is just easier to give and ask questions later:

Terri G (have your email and you know most of the folks on the list so...)

Anja (need to know whatever the hell last name you're going by these days)

Anja's guest--I know you told me old dude's name, but I forgot.  It happens.

M[r]s. Sparrow--now that you're out of earshot, shoot me your dude's name too

David - need to know what's up with the Mrs.

Fred G - take it you're not flying, but if you are...let me know

Dana - you and what small army?

Stephen P. - probably get from Terri, but your children, need their addys too

Seantelle and Chris - see above

Rachel W - east side right?  Or are you moving home too?

Alex B - "crazy" just send it already.  Don't make me stalk you

Liisa J - Did you change your gov't name?  No?  Well I need your man's your child's and your brother's gov't names too.  And your brother's woman's full name.  Did they set a date yet?

And I'm done.  For the moment.

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