Monday, August 14, 2006

Sore (3rd place) losers we're not sore losers in the traditional sense. but we are sore and we did two other teams. Out of 17.

Are you an amazing race fan? Well, so am I. So when I found out that Seattle has a Pretty Darn Good Race that takes you all sorts of places local (including, I might add, to Gasworks park where this year's Amazing Race will be kicking off from on Sunday nights this fall), I of course signed us up.


I thought we would be driving. Knew we wouldn't be flying. Figured we would be running. Yeah. First place team damn near ran the whole race. Second place too. That might be why we finished like a hour behind them and came in first amongst the "less athletic" of the entrants. yeah...That's how I'll put it.

And, we DID get the "trash talkers" award. That, and the stack of $150 dollar bills...oh...and the bronze pretty darn good race medals, all totally made my weekend worthwhile.

And I only broke down and almost cried out of frustration once. That would have been when we were losing precious time and I was so out of it I thought I had left my cell phone and...

life. live and learn.

Fun times and I cannot wait until next year. Check it out my peeps and be sure to check out the pictures when they get posted!

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