Monday, August 21, 2006

Not Even...

sore. Wow. How's that for a 3 hour uphill all ways horseback ride? Great!

Got even lots of pictures. On the horse. Lost the eyepiece. Lost the UV filter lens protector. Found both. But BF may never let me use the camera again. Travesty.

I'm utterly bored nowadays. I mean, there is plenty going on that I should be doing, but really. A bit bored. Nothing exciting happening to say "wow, that was worth it". I know I know...move it to the other blog already.

So...I need a list.

Hair did (but so not did anymore...gotta get that tight before I leave)
nails done
(and undone...gotta get that right too)
that necklace (done--even better than imagined--then at home I tell ya!)
maybe those earrings (didn't need because of better than imagined above-shop at home? yep!)
definitely those ugly shoes (blek) (checked the closet and what did I find...add clip on earrings...gorgeous...)

that list of folks (working on it...what??)
that newsletter (working on that too...still)
those dreams delayed (blek...working...what again?)
those registrations (huh? I'm going to assume yeah)
those tickets (yeah...gotta work that too...thinking on it)
that reimbursement (oh yeah...brought those folders from home...really need to work that)
that check to write (damn checkbook...oh yeah...let's put it on billpay--done! yeah got one!)

that spiral craziness (uhhmmm...)
some randomness (hmmm....bit too cryptic)
think about fun (what a notion)
just because (yeah...if I had the time)

clean that definitely
wash that too
no, there is no excuse

Compartmentalize it all. That is how I function. Life, work, scrap, organize. And then there is that boy. And that girl. That girl--drives me nuts. but that other girl, I have to be back in touch with. That girl that drives me nuts--uh huh. And yeah. User. Used to getting but not. And then some. Right.

Almost time to go back to El pAso. For Thanksgiving? Don't know if I am that brave yet...


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Renee said...

You are too funny. I want to see the horse pics. Sounds like fun.