Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crabby fishy

So...when you live on the water...what do you get when you combine:

cool landlords + crab season + cheesy sauce + pasta?

Well, you get delicious (and I kid you not) to die for Alfredo crab pasta. I would post the recipe, but then I'd have to have Liisa hunt you down (smile).

Speaking of her (I know...typically don't call folks out, but this deserves it):

Have you ever had a girl crush? Well...to have one, you have to be girl, you have to be straight (or crookedly heterosexual), and you have to have an overwhelming passionately obnoxious desire to just love the stuffins out of said girl.

Not in a sex way of course. But in a "wow, she rocks my world" way.

I've been having revolutionary life debates with the BF all morning long. Pointed out to him that it is those debates that makes me keep him around. But really pointed out that I absolutely will go through the flames for Liisa because she gets it too.

Case in point. Little thing. Very little thing. She is interviewing for a wonderfully fantastic job that I absolutely think she deserves. Most folks, in said situation, would do it right, but would never clue the committee into "that other wonderful person" or ask anything that might lose them the job. Not her. She was all loving on me in the interview--having them say "aha...wow..."and not once blinking an eyelash.

She didn't have to think "what if she knifes me" and comes in for this job because I'd never do that. It is something about that unconditional love and faith for another person that is so making me lightheaded. And I am so lucky to have TWO of those people in my life that I am no where near related to.

Other things making me lightheaded lately:

The African Prince (let's call him that) who saw me beat to s#8t yesterday after dragging my thick thighs through 10 laps (gurgle) and still had the nerve to call me beautiful and congratulate me (instead of hater-ating) on being in a wonderful relationship.

That boy who works down the hill from me who is obsessed with my fat.

Those gals who thought I had the inspirational skills to rock it--let me post it--and then the internet lovers who cried at what they saw. Yeah...that stuff that I'm too afraid to show to the boy down the hill who loves my fat...

That little boy who asked "why can't we just all live in the same house together"

High altitude not so pipe dreams

Living within my means, focusing on the future and dreaming the big dreams.

Life itself. Life has me lightheaded.

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