Friday, July 28, 2006

Mama said...

that she made it home okay. Which is good because my thumb...not so okay. And sleeping on the couch, didn't so much do much good to that hand. Why am I still sleeping on the couch? Cause it's a bit comfy for one (creature of habit...yeah it was only a week. and what).

I have been pulling lots of long nights for deadlines but all have been worth it. All caught up come this weekend. But that's all on the scrap blog so...

In real life...I get to help with planning my high school reunion for this October. It is so great to be back in touch with so many people. Awesome really. Tracking people down. Not so awesome. Especially when myspace is down and all my cheap hs people's ( be fair...we were broke and then some) hang out there.

So yesterday, I'm chilling on myspace (not at work of course) and this individual who I would have never thought in a million years I'd ever see again contacted me. The power of connection I tell you. I had been chatting with a mutual friend who is dating his cousin. Who knew. Emailed me all like "hey...remember me." Duh...I only had the hugest, biggest, totally uncontrollable crush on him. Then I met his green eyed best friend. I'm messing. This stuff is funny but my BF is right...after the reunion I have to get off of Myspace. Nothing good can come of that place.

Speaking of BF, we get to swim 12 laps today...I can do it. And then to his place for tacos. Love his them. I'm so hungry...think it's time to order some lunch. Have to eat early or I'll sink. According to some Today show "expert" that is a wives tale but let me tell you of some cramps I've had in that pool. Maybe I'll get 15 laps in today...3 with flippers of course. Cheaters never win...but it will keep me going instead of just standing on the edge of the pool. Think we might have to dive in with someone else doing laps because that is what keeps me going back and forth...not wanting to be lapped. Drown halfway from lack of breath but damned if I'ma let you pass me on the wall. least not more than twice.

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