Friday, July 14, 2006

I'ma knock them eyes to the back of yo head boy!

Okay...I'm dressed appropriately today. I contemplated a tank under my summery shirt, but it's hot up in here.

But still...dressed respectfully enough to get comps from the boss (a's coming).

So why the hell did this old dirty man I just met with about his pitifully STUPID scores meet with me for 8 minutes and spend 6 of those minutes blatantly staring at something that sure ain't his to stare at? I'd tell my BF but he'd hop in the car, drive to the SeaTac Holiday Inn and tell a boy something. And he's so not the violent type. Till you mess with his B. Right...I got it like that.

I so needa be out of here. It's a beautiful day out, I get to go swimming in about 3.5 hours then I kiss that boyfriend mentioned above goodbye and work like heck to get everything settled for mom. I can do it...just a few scrap deadlines to address. A little bit of work to do...

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