Friday, July 14, 2006

Double Stuffed Oreos know I don't like them. Cause, they're cookies and they are Oreos. And this the 6th grade...called me an Oreo. If he could see me now he might call me double stuffed come to think of it.

But I digress. they take baths? My nephew, all 8 cute years of him, has a mother who tries really hard to teach him responsibility. I know I with me those that know her.

Anyhow. She, some 3 or so months ago, brings home Double Stuffed Oreo--the hamster. I suppose it had like a black head and black behind and the rest of him was white. And he was chunky.

Anyhow, the nephew names him Double Stuffed. I called mom last Friday when I was trying to get her to commit to a bus schedule already and she informs me that said nephew is tossing the hamster around. No, not like bouncing him off the walls--he's not THAT cruel. But he was tossing him in the air (almost to the ceiling--supposedly) and letting him land on the couch. Hamsters are not cats. But I've never had a hamster so I don't dare make any correlations to what follows. But the boy said he was experimenting...let a budding scientist be!

On Saturday, nephew is giving DSO a bath. In the tub. Given his ADD (sit down already!!), he of course has to run out real quick to tell grandma something. He goes back in and he calls frantically back out to grandma to come here. Grabbing DSO out the tub (limp of course) they proceed to try some "chest massages" and argue over who is going to wrap their lips around those pointy sharp fangs.

DSO is no longer with us. Well...not really.

But wait for it. mother has a sister who is pure evil. I liken her to Satan. She further traumatizes my ultra adorable nephew by telling him he is a murderer and will go to hell for what he did. She probably threw in something about that being why he won't ever see his brothers again. She's like that.

But wait for it.

Nephew is depressed and cute, always wanting to do right mother of his (she, for nothing else, has an absolute heart of gold) comes up with the idea to burry the thing. No, not just in the backyard--they live in an apartment complex so that wouldn't work. Originally, the plan was to go to unincorporated Chaparrel (sp?) NM and burry the thing out there with my grandmother. sentimental.

Evidently, the desert lot just outside their complex was a bit more convenient.

Wait for it I said...

So they burry DSO. Rest in peace.

Now. I knew my nephew liked scary movies. I know he watches them. But I thought Pet Cemetary was before his time. He went back out there (to pay his respects, so my sister thought he was doing) and promptly dug that thing back up. Uhmmmmm....


That's the "it" you were waiting for.

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