Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Who dat woman is?

Well...she sorta looks like...and she kinda sounds like...and I know she can shop right? Well, not so much. But she will ooh and ahh at things like baby deer right? Well, of course. Especially if they are not road kill.

That woman, she would be my mama. No...I am NOT the spawn of Satan. Spawn of anything for that matter.

She, of all glorious momminess (I kid you not, there are at least three generations of folks about to attest to this) is coming to Seattle! From El Paso! On a bus. Yes. A bus. Don't ask.

But I will tell. Longer than you can hold it.

Why yes, there are no straight shots between the two because evidently, folks in UT (or some other state in betwix) don't really believe in interstates. I mean, why would you when you have "the 5" in that other state. Anyhow. She will be taking I-10 (yes, that is pronounced "eye", not "tha") over to LA and then "the 5" up from there. I hope she likes California. And California boys cause she's coming all the way up to meet this one really fantastic Cali boy...

He's fantastic because he slimmed my thighs. No...not like that. We now swim twice weekly and walk once a week. He's going to make me run soon here...so not cool. He wants me running 5 miles at once by next year March~ish. Now.

I used to run track.

I used to run "fast". Okay...well I used to technically run a sprint.

I don't think, all things considered, I have fun 5 miles TOTAL in all my life! He will be the death of me. But damn I'ma look good in my coffin!

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