Friday, April 10, 2009

Home for sell (Guess the Offer/Sell Date)

Need a new place?
Holy crap. I just typed a long post and lost it. So that's a sign.
The gist?
We put the house on the market this Monday.

5 days. Guess.
Guess on what day (ie, day 92,978) we will get our first offer. After that, we'll play guess the day we'll actually close the sell (ie, on day 938,298 you will close) and we'll make it a good contest.

The prize? You get to say you won!
Actually, you get to brag that you know when the Seattle area real estate market turned and we were able to sell. And I'll throw in a $25 GC for the poor folks who can't afford to shop for groceries anymore. Grocery Outlet anyone? will be to like Target or Barnes and Noble or a charitable gift in your honor to your choice of screwed by the economy charity/non-profit. Whichever one you prefer that hasn't gone out of business by the time this place sells and you win.

"Winner" will be the person (or first person) who guesses the right day. If you guess something more optimistically close to today, you can guess again (on this post only so I can find it please) after your day passes.

This should tide us over for 5 months eh?
*** ETA: Man ya'll are researchers. It's really just a guessing game. No need to research TOMs and market trends (smile). We're selling because we want to (and can afford to) not because we have to. I'm a bit partial, but I'll do another post about this all. Soon as I figure out how to link up some of my faves without inadvertently telling the free world exactly where to mail their pipe bombs when we move. ***


MandieGirl said...

What a gorgeous home! I hope that it doesn't take long to sell, but oh my, I'd love to be living there! :) I have NO experience, but I'll take a guess that it'll sell on May 1st (hopefully sooner!!!).

Good luck!

mama_in_pajamas said...

You have a beautiful home and I hope that it sells quickly for you. I hope that you're selling because you want to, not because you have to. Good luck. I know the housing market is tight, but houses are selling! Hang in there! I predict your offer will come on day 62.

mindakims said...

Girl, that home has been staged to PERFECTION and it is a great space even without that. Unless you didn't take your realtor's advice on price, I will predict it will sell in 13 days. Moreover, I'm gonna pray it will sell in 13 days, not so I can win, but so that you will feel validated in your decision to move!

Anonymous said...

I will trade you my home for yours...4 br 2 baths, but you gotta move to Sweden. i am ready to come back to America.

T said...

It's gorgeous! Staged beautifully.
I'll guess June 3.

Anonymous said...

Well so the question is, why sell when the market (even in seattle) has lost almost 1/3 of its value?

When you could stay put for a few years and probably at least get out of it what you have in it.