Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day n' night

No lonely stoners but I can for sure say that when I drove into the car wash, I was squintin through my windshield like I was tunnel driving (and for the record, I hit TWO tunnels each way to work e'ryday so and what??). On the way OUT of that carwash, I was like "since when did the sun hit Seattle?"

Day n' night

And since I've clearly forgotten how to blog (lack of stalkers will do that to you...just not inspired anymore), I'm going back to my repeat button (maybe I'll hit Pandora...probably not) and going to snap some pics of that other stuff I do.

(hint - yes, that is not one, not two, but THREE links in one two paragraph post. WHAT is this world coming to??)


T said...

I'm still blog stalking you.

jerseytjej said...

Visiting from Adriennes...LMAO @ your Grammy outtakes. Gina