Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank goodness I'm not addicted to Facebook

because I don't know what I would do while the site was down for maintainance.


It is snowing here. Well, flrry fluffified nonsense. Which he proclaims to love. I say get back to me when it sticks.

We just finished totally cleaning the house. And had a nostalgic moment of what this place has meant to us. Gulp.

I got a ton of pages done. But I need to photograph them. And finish them out. It felt really fun to just get pictures to paper again.

Tonight, steak, baked potato and being a kid all over again. I think I'll even get that dressing mix mom used to always get when we had steak night growing up. I've even agreed to watch what has been termed "My community college version of Breakfast Club" with my better half. He claims this movie (which I have never heard of) is right up there with Colors. Which, at one point, when I told him I had not see the whole movie (Colors) and had never seen I'm Gonna Get You Sucker...we had to have a movie night of course. Right after he asked me just how black I really am. Yes. I agree. It is probably a sad day when my whiter than white husband is more hood than me. And Liisa tried to to play all scared. Girl...I printed off that email summation of just how hood we are. I am going to put it on the fridge too.


There is a ton going on in life right now that I don't blog about. I get conflicted. Because I know I don't remember anything (least of all to brush my teeth if my toothbrush didn't wink at me each time I go to the bathroom as a reminder that "Oh yeah...that little doodad is to brush my teeth with"). Okay. It isn't THAT bad, but I have all these systems set up for remembering stuff. One said system is my blog. For the kids I don't have that may want to come back and have an intimate (as intimate as something shared worldwide can be) look at who I was on January 25, 2009. All said. Lately. I have been relying on other's memories of the drama that is my life because some things are too sacred to blog. Which I know is saying a whole lot given some of the randomness I've typed and let fly here (who remembers the toilet...guess came back). All is starting to stick outside. It's 3 pm and I think I'll hit the shower now (hey now...I worked up a sweat with the whole cleaning thing), eat my leftover Mongolian grill and then, finally, get to moving.

For real.

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