Monday, January 19, 2009

Girl Where You Be?

You know.

There was a time when I felt compelled to write daily. Sometimes many times a day. A stalker or two will do that for you (Alex...I know you're watching you lurker).

But then when your peeps check in daily even when you DON'T blog, that becomes a game in see just how long people will hold out hope that you might get your shtuff together and write some dang thing already.

Okay. I get it.

So what have I done with my super busy life in that span of time?

I'll start with what I have not done:

I have not cleaned any toilets. That is beneath me.
I have not cooked daily wholesome meals for my still fresh and newly minted husband.
I have not forgotten that as of today, I've been a Mrs. for 6 months.
I have not taken many pictures outside of say, Disneyland
I have not mouthed off
I have not scrapped all that much
I have not yet downloaded more itunes


Started a cool puzzle
started to eat hummus again
been to Disneyland
been told more times than I think appropriate that I'm a closet Republican
(I guess the trip to the Regan Library didn't help that)
I was also told I'm an upperclass snob...because I don't like Applebees anymore
I vacuumed (finally) my scrap room
I started a book
I stated to plan out thenext 3-5 years of my/our work life at the jobby job

So see. Not much to blog about. Even though MANY times lately I have been caught saying "that is so bloggable."

I think I need more hummus.

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++V++ said...

Hi B! Just wanted to stop in and congratulate you on your wedding (ok ok... so 6 month later). Anyhow, say hi to your mom! :)