Saturday, December 27, 2008

At this very moment...

...I am watching him iron shirts
...I am thinking about getting a piece of coffee cake
...I'm trying to determine just how I want to finish off the wedding scrapbook
...I need to get up and go get m license/debit card pin
...almost as much as I need to go shop for Christmas ornaments for the 3 trees we'll have next year
...I really want to scrap
...he is watching an Oxygen channel movie
...he just turned it to some home improvement something
...we had to turn off the space heater so as not to short out the bedroom
...I think we should go downstairs and watch more West Wing episodes
...or get our 30 minutes in of Dance Dance revolution (thank you cutie!)
...but not drink anymore Silver Oak...sigh
...I could try to convince him to crack open another bottle of wine
...but I have some concerns over my need to drink $60 worth of wine per day. My share that is
...snow is going away
...he is denying me pizza...but I can have enchiladas instead
...we are debating who has the crazier past/family/life...
...right before realizing that now we get to share everything.


Liisa and her ghetto fab self did the nicest little recap of crazyville for us the other day. I want to print it out and frame it. As a mere fleeting memory of "where we came from" cause really...really.

And no...I'm not checking the weather at Disneyland again.

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