Saturday, December 06, 2008

Done with iTunes

And with that, I'm done with iTunes. if it is that difficult, it is quickly becoming not worth it to me. not lazy, not stupid, just not going to waste hours of my life trying to sync and authorize computers that no longer exist and not being able to play music I've purchased where I want to play it. I tried artists. Now it's time to pilage the high music seas. I'm kidding. but these things call CDs cost about as much as them stupid iTunes that I can only (evidently) play on my computer in my home upstairs. not on my laptop (which resides in a different room upstairs) or on the computer downstairs (there is a whole level in between "upstairs" and "downstairs" so, maybe that makes a huge difference)...


That playlist yesterday was fun while it lasted.

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Tamany said...

iTunes is just another apple money suck. They intentionally make it almost impossible to use, in the hopes that you will be stupid enough to actually buy the same song repeatedly !! and yes there actually are people who do just that!.

My mate is an engineer at Apple, he says stay away from iTunes and far far away from the iPhone...

Your experience is exactly why. Buy the CD, then its yours forever and a lot of "hidden" tracks turn out to be great listening.