Monday, January 26, 2009


Going for it.

Lots of work to prep amd get ready. Including packing up the computer and the scrappy scraps. But I'm so ready to do this. So I think I need to go and scrap some more.

Need to start packing but I just can't believe that I won't have access to all these little bits and pieces to play with for months on end. Potentially even 9 months. He'll play civilization on xbox...I'll play Wii Sims (or civilization when he's done) and the time will fly.

In the meantime, my hot shower to warm up and bed call me.

Here's to good credit, patience, not overextending yourself, lots of luck and loving on the greatest guy I've ever known. And really appreciating that he professes to love me just as much if not more. Thankfully, I love him most.

Hope you scrappers enjoyed the pub class. Hope you picture takers are getting your fill. Blog stalkers, I'm sorry. Stacey, call me so we can chat about your easter visit. Liisa call me back cause I've got scrap to give (and drama to fill you in on). Little brother...Seattle is like 40 minutes from Ft. Lewis...if you leave up out of Washington and don't tell me, there will be hell to pay. My nephew never reads my blog, but I think about him all the time (the oldest one...I actually have 5 nephews not that you would know it from my scrapping or writing). All said that I love you, think it rocks that you're an orchestra geek and love Mozart's Medley and I still have your nose that I borrowed from Thanksgiving. You'll have to come to Seattle to retrieve it.

Which reminds me...on our not Valentine's day...we should go to Purple or King Fish. Yes...that is for the benefit of he who occassionally notes that he needs to check this place out to make sure I'm not posting naughty pictures (aka, any picture with him in it). Almost time for Lion King!

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