Friday, March 03, 2006

greatest hits


I think I should just do five because it is 10 past 3 and I really just want to get out of here already. Come you really blame me? it is blue sunny skies, bf's friend is in town, I'm going out for Portabello mushroom fajitas, I've been gifted the coolest little dvd/speaker set--really I wanted the speakers but have not the slightest clue if my laptop even has the capability for a speaker set up...


6 files to read. Will probably take me an hour. But I have stuff to do so if this list doesn't roll like ain't gonna happen tonight.

Don't you love it--I don't update for a week and then there are three in like three minutes! Whoa!

I don't have gum by the way. It rots your teeth or tastes like crap (and it's all grainy on you) if it doesn't have real sugar. Any other questions? Good.

Oh yeah...where is my cell phone? This is why Fridays, blogging, bored at work are a dangerous combination (I totally blanked on the word "combination" there for a second).

Winning the NASPA Case Study competition. Oh yeah...not in class. Focus...

Okay...I loved having one of my papers selected as an Andrea model paper. A feat unlike any other since (obviously) I am a horrendous writer. Really.

I also loved the simulation game in Stringer's class where I got to make cut-throat deals to get people to do as I said with our limited campus resources. Loved how a colleague particularly said I had a presence that made her feel like she really wanted to work with me although the game said we were to be enemies.

Uhhhmmm...that's it.


I also liked getting to meet Solynn in class. What? Another brown person?

Loved getting to meet Ana in class (what?! a brown chica pimpin' her ride too?!)

And I also really loved sitting in class--my last class--staring at JG as Colleen (shouts out!) and Brittany and I tried to figure out how in the hell he just got away with saying absolutely nothing again. Actually, I hardly ever went to that class because of major work conflicts my last quarter but was a nice recount.

Back to work. Ugh. I don't wannna deny any more kids. I really don't. Oh...I get to read high today. Which means I get to admit super brainy kids with no personality that I'd never want to sit next to in class.

I'm not a lawyer...I just make them. Time to get the fake laugh on for a particular individual who rubs me a little bit raw (just a teeny bit) and then get the real laugh on after a yummy margarita tonight. Maybe I can squeeze in a tiny bit of shopping too...

okay. Probably not.

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