Sunday, March 26, 2006


Is it really already Sunday night? 10 pm? Where did the weekend go?

Rewind... Friday night...somehow, someway, I managed to stay awake for the movie! I think there is a direct correlation as to who picks the movie and who stays awake. I'm not a mathematician though.

Derailed. So totally not what I expected. You can't spoil if they don't read so I will so much as say that BF was all about "I don't want to watch a movie about folks cheating on each other." I promptly reminded him that one of my fave movies of the past few moments was Closer. But that was neither here nor there.

Moral of the story? Only suckers don't appreciate what they have right in front of them. What does that mean? I'm working on it. Working on it.

So then (well, before, technically) we went to dinner. Maya. Hands down the most authentic Mexican food we have had in WA. And it's a chain. Go figure. Gotta love the Entertainment book. New place next Friday? I think so.

T-minus 6 days. I cannot believe I'm throwing a par-tay. I rock. It's going to be such fun. Peachy.

Saturday. We actually got Rob & Lin *note to all, AND LIN* to go out with us! Imagine that. That was too cool. Never mind that we had to go through hell and high water to get the tickets that really didn't exist. Good thing was that we finally DID get in and seated. Bad thing(s) were that I was exhausted (we took kitty to the vet in the morning and got very, VERY bad news) so I had to walk out and get some air. Another bad thing was that BF aggravated the old bones. Heck...I woke up not so right too so I can only imagine how someone with back problems might fare. Verdict was not well.

But the travels included a decent pizza at Rock Bottom. Yummy. Sloooooooow service. So we slow forward to Sunday when I took BF to SushiLand! Now that is a double yummy.

Of course, before that I had to stop and get my eco friendly laundry detergent (gotta love graywater) and low and behold if TJ's didn't have some gorgeous flowers for like 5.99. So gorgeous I couldn't even put them back when I came across the fantastically full and beautiful 12.99 orchid. ALL of them were that price. I might get a bit orchid happy if someone doesn't stop me. {ETA: I'll stop me. the flowers were them home and they wilted in the really not so hot heat of my place the next day. Froggy. The orchid is trying to die. Nurse it through the weekend and I can call it a bouquet purchase instead of a plant purchase...the other orchid is doing swimmingly...mate.}

Got this really cute cabinet (complete with the requisite spider) that I'm thinking of either using as a printer stand (maybe not so much) or as a dining room kinda mini cabinet thing to stash more dishes in. On top, more candles. The goal is to get 50 candles burning bright. No where near that. But hey...candles are cool and so is my place. Speaking of my place...I promised so here is a tease:

That was Friday night before I left.

Decisions to make. Do I apply for it? Do I buy that camera? Do I save it instead? Do I say it just like that?

Yes, maybe, probably not, I don't even want to go there. Obviously.

Babbling so that must mean it is time for West Wing...

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