Friday, March 24, 2006

Thank God its...

FRIDAY! Time to get out and get done. Well...not like that.

Work was a blast--I love it when the kiddies are nice to me. When they speak French it is even all the more cool. Gotta love them Canadians.

This weekend, do much of nothing. Found out my apartment is rented. Yippee. Gotta go to court still. Insanity of it all.

Movie tonight (DeRailed...true life story? Not mine...really...) and food. I'm hungry like all get out although this week I got to go to P.F. Chang's AND Cheesecake Factory (thank you SU!!).

Kay...I have a life so I'm blowing ya'll off. Time to snap some photos and yeah, yeah yeah...I still know I have to post the jealousy pics. I'm getting to it. Sometime. Soon.

Got an asthmatic cat to deal with first. And a broken bed (smile)...


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