Monday, March 13, 2006

Ten [hangin']

No way it has been ten days since I posted. Well...that's what my stalker says.

So fine.

I hear that you're really not supposed to acknowledge them [stalkers] if you are to live life without them continually hounding you. But I like my stalker[s] and so I will oblige.

What to talk about.


As in it is a DEAD week here because we're on spring break (we including my boss who is chillin' in Mexico at this very moment) and there is nothing to do but work. And we all know that I have an allergic reaction to doing any such thing so...time to blog.

I am seriously contemplating spending $90 a month on internet access. It is a sad, sad day when I am willing to shell out so much money to be able to chat in bed. I miss daily (okay...hourly) updates and who lives anywhere anymore without internet access? Plus--GREAT view. Negative--no internet. I don't want to half-arsed it and get a phone line (for $30) and then have to pay for dial up access (another $25 since you know I'm an aol hoe)...for really $40 more I can have high speed WIRELESS access. uhhmmm...the choice is so obvious.

If only I could stop spending money already. Or not.

So...Ali Edwards had a cool travel journal in CK probably months ago since I can never keep up with what month they are really on (cause March was so last December you know). Anyhow, I don't really get to travel much--mucho, MUCHO disgustedly jealous of my ex who now has a sugar mama who may be taking him international this summer...sigh. but I digress. I don't travel much but really I do. When you stop for a moment and think about where you GO, you realize you go lots of places. So I'll have to update my other blog (come on, it's not that hard to figure out where it is) with pictures from my untraveled, travel journal, scrapbook from the road. Fun TIMES! Really.

Pike Place, Auburn, the Alley...all sorts of fun places to go and see and do. From time to time, I even have an intermission where we take a trip down memory lane to places past I have visited. Now that is fun times.

Anyhow. I should, technically (legally) be working. But I don't want to say no anymore (you know the drill) and I'd rather be home chatting with the bf. We're slated for a nice chat this evening. Nice from the girl who loves messy, sloppy, crazy dishelved things only for the potential they pose for being cleaned up, organized and put back together again. I'm going to iron me some curtains tonight and finish up the front of my house for once and for all. Finally hung the mirror, now need to print some photos...viola. Or Biola. Which is a school in Southern california.

black.white. Watch it. Learn from it. It rocks to the point of pissing me off and having me want to sign up for the next run. Oh to walk a mile in their shoes. And have you walk a mile in mine. What a better world this place would be.

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