Tuesday, December 26, 2006

And Day one...

...of the great shift. Back from Palm Springs and had a pretty good time.

On the way back, bf saw someone he used to work with--which was totally cool watching him chat it up. I think way more than me, he just definitely needs to be around people. Saw that a bunch this past very long weekend in Palm Springs. Get him in front of people and it is just...wow. He's so the networker (smile).

Got to fly back first class. That happens when you hit the plane on Christmas evening I suppose (smile).

Now back home and contemplating. Because see...I ordered a gift for him that didn't show up until just now. Except I think it is the wrong one. Wrong by a couple of numbers which in bf geek world can be major. So I'll wrap it up for him and let him know that if it is that big of a difference, I'll return it and get the right one. Talk about getting click happy at work.

Anyhow...time to get home and start packing and shipping and labeling. I'm so totally excited about this shift. Sad to lose the beach house. But totally excited to gain just that much more in our relationship. Scared out of my mind, but totally going to do everything in my power to make it work. Fun knowing I have someone else as committed to that as I am.

Well...lunch downtown today and some shopping the after Christmas sales. I need to pick up the dinner cruise tickets and reaffirm when we're going to the symphony. You know, aside from getting to move in with the bf, what my best Christmas gift was?

It was getting to tell my adorable nephew. He was so totally excited! He loves him some Robert! I was remembering that because when I was telling him my Christmas gifts, he was telling me that he would LOVE to go to the symphony with us and on the dinner boat. He's the oddest 9 year old I know. Odd in such a good, cute, adorable way!

Packing time...or at least just getting home to change or something.


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