Friday, December 15, 2006

Non-Essential Workers at Work

Okay...face it. I am not essential. No where near it. But I came to work.

I gaped at the power lines twitching with the trees laid across them.

I waited half an hour before figuring out that my electric trolly bus wasn't coming up the hill.

I even paid to take a damn cab for the pleasure of eating a nastly McDonald's McGriddle sandwich as the homage to those who made the trek in today.

And now...I blog.

Because here, I have not only electricity, but internet and (most importantly given my condition--yeah THAT know, the one where I absolutely HATE being cold) HEAT!

I might have to go and "borrow" Whit's little space heater for the day. Or just get up and go shopping. I have no car so I'd really have to hoof it. My better half is picking me up so that we can head on out to Leavenworth for the Winter Lights Festival and then eagle watching. Good thing that we have the means to say "no power here? okay...let us just take a trip."

Monday. Monday?! How in the hell do you tell people that they most likely won't have power until Monday with a straight face right as a cold front is coming in.

I think maybe God doesn't so much like Washington state anymore.

Just a hunch.

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