Saturday, December 09, 2006

Would have, Could have, Should have

Oh how a week can change your life. For the better when you sit and think, but for the worse when you just let it wash over you.

All that contemplation last weekend? The worse of it is that it ain't going to happen. Which is sad, but passable. The best of it is that we really got to sit and talk about what works and what doesn't and what we are really dreaming about. And the best of it all when it was said and done? Was that I know and he knows. We know. That we're here for each other through it all. And that is the best feeling in the world. Knowing that you're down for someone who is down for you. let's just move to could have:

Could have been a very bad day yesterday. But I have a great boss who is such a duck--everything is water off her back. She gets a look and you know she's like "get real". But you start to talk and she cares. Really, genuinely cares. And can never stay mad for long. Even though I should have asked her first and THEN acted, it all worked out well because we have...

....wait for it...

....a bit longer...

...okay. Sit down. Breath.

we have BOUGHT OUR TICKETS! We're going to China! Just finally found a good deal on the tickets to Beijing. To celebrate (well, really, to look for the tickets back from Kathmandu) we're going out for dim sum. Yummmy! I'll take pictures. If only I could remember where I stashed my camera.

I still cannot believe that I'm going on this trip of a lifetime. Everest Base Camp. Wow!
If you have not been watching it (which, probably not because only folks going there probably really care), there is a great show on Discovery called, well, Everest. It tracks the progress of an expedition going up the hill. Last week, it showed how incredibly crazy this world is. Most of the folks they are following are American. They of course interact with other country's climbers. well in the last show, a couple of the Americans--the stronger climbers they have been profiling--were making their way up Everest and got backlogged behind folks who just were not climbers. And it got me to thinking...well, this and another documentary where they were telling a woman that for the right amount of money, you can be strapped on someone's back and drug up the mountain. But it got me to thinking that yeah, one day I COULD hit the top. But if I were not fit and experienced and mentally capacitated (not INcapacitated) to enjoy it, what would be the point?

Right. So last week, the team almost ran out of oxygen getting down the summit. They send the other group of climbers up next week so I'm thinking all ends well, but we shall see.

And while we're talking about about them blondes? Buh by! And to Jonathan Mr. Wannabe Survivor? yeah, see ya. Mean, but I believe there is karma and justice in this world and between the blondes who "hi I'm sexy and will screw everyone else to get my way" and Jonathan "It's just a game and I'm 'strategizing' like the best of them by sticking everyone in the back"...karma. Karma. Karma. And now my computer will crash for typing this vile THAT would be some Karma. Venting over.

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