Sunday, March 16, 2008


Because I was there. With the big glass. And I saw the scary trucks and the heavy presence in the center of town. And all the video cameras. And I stood out. And I'd probably be up in the midst of it if I were there now because:
1. I'd be there with him.
2. This is what he lives for. Not the drama. But he's often said he wanted to be a war journalist.
3. We got a little too close for my comfort (I'm so not observant, he's the opposite) in Kathmandu.

Which is also where it's going down. Makes me want to cry and smile all at the same time. Smile only because as indignant and mad and sad as I was while there for almost a month at all the destruction and brutal force displayed, hope is back.

Which brings me to the other goosebumps producing moment tonight. Watching CSPAN. Watching Michelle Obama speak in PA. Watching her with no note cards or telepromptor. Just telling it. Like. it. is. The passion she has for her husband. The emotion she has for what could be. The humility. The woman. Wow. WOW.

And lastly, 4 dress sizes. Pretty significant since I was all pissy about not budging the scales (only up to 11...I'm a hot mess, I know this). But that means it's time to go try on dresses. Wish me luck!

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