Saturday, March 01, 2008

Peeking Over my Shoulder though

Yeah. still alive. hanging in there.

First and foremost, did I mention I hate Macs? Love my ipod. Really wanted an iphone (still) for half a hot second. But hate Macs. Cause it means I have to relearn too much in a short time.

So ten and out:

10. I wish I was still an op-ed writer. Cause I'd just post this link and call it done. SJ. dang girl!
And yes, I still recall the appropriateness of picnics...thank you Ms. Hutcherson.

9. Stupid squiggly apple thing is going to mess me up. Why can't I just use "control+c" it is coming back to me.

8. Poor sweet, dear Jaxon.

7. Bull crap it never rains in southern california. Irvine. Might well be back in Seattle and all

6. Glad on all ya'll getting your save the dates. Gulp. Already 9 people coming we thought "ain't no way". Getting a bit heated up on that guest list

5. I want to live in the Pottery Barn catalog. Especially the one with the "Yellow is" cover. I might settle for Crate and Barrel if the going gets rough.

4. Thanks to CJ (my whole blog life basically), I'm all about 100 in 30. Times 3. 100 miles walked in 30 in March. 100 miles biked in 30 in April. And 100 miles jogged/run in May. I can do it. I can do anything I put my mind too. Especially when I get the "good luck with that" look when I announce those plans. Is that a challenge? it is ON now.

3. Jack and Jill Politics. Will link them when I'm on a real computer. LOVE. THEM.

2. Photos also when I get on a real computer.

1. Life. Live it. Fully. With lots of tomato soup.

Much love. Promise to get caught up on email, scrapping, work, etc. Liisa...get out the Remind me to tell you about that.

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