Friday, March 28, 2008

Things that Go Bump...aka Just walk away

Or some other random title.

So I sit here. Trying to do a very important page for a very important person. But as I do a half-assed list job of it all (I'm trying, I promise), I think a few key things:

Why is it only when I am home alone that I heard all those things that go bump in the night? Granted, it is windy out. And I live in a condo with shared walls. Thick walls. Or at least I hope for my morning activities when I find myself mumbling (okay, screaming at the top of my lungs) in high pisstivity because I can't find my keys for the umpteenth time. In ten minutes. Frrustrating I tell you. But I digress. Windy. Shared walls. Home alone.

So I was sitting here relieved that I wasn't totally dreaming it when I thought I had seen some calligraphy alphabets online. Thank you to the online book project. Love you people. Found that. Couldn't find it last night. Curled up for the evening of being grumpy bear fiance (which is often lately) to watch some West Wing. Yes. Yes I know that the show is no longer on. Ahoy matey. Did I mention yet why I love my dude? Anyhow. Liisa...hush your mouth. You know better.

Anyhow. Found the calligraphy stuff. Started randomly searching for "the necklace" to go with "the dress" and finally got to the point of being completely engrossed (and it was light outside...add darkness to my list above) and not noticing or feeling alone. Then I got up to take a shower. Not that I never take showers alone. Always as a matter of fact. BUT. I was in the shower, burning my skin off (though we DID just turn down the water heater temp, but whatever) when I heard a very loud and very distinct bump. The kind that makes you turn off the water. Get out the shower. Think about leaving the room to go check it out. Right before you realize that you keep a big white guy around for just that purpose. I'm not saying but...yeah really I am saying. I don't roll like that. He might come home and find me camped out under the bed with a flashlight reading a book hoping whatever it is that went "bump" goes away, but he won't find me downstairs looking for the bump. Or cooking dinner. I'll starve before I leave this room before he gets home. Thank goodness I have the History channel to watch. I was watching a fascinating Hitler piece last night and finally "got" the cross-references to Obama the Messiah folks are making on those places online I should never ever visit. That's some scary stuff.

Anyhow. All that rambling to say:

I like lists and I haven't done a "why I like him" list in a while so why not.

Things go bump in the night all the time in my hood. I'm not afraid (okay yeah I am, but I'm not "startled") by things that sound like gunshots, domestic violence or police dogs barking. I'm not immune either, but I guess I now just "know" those sounds. I don't live "in the city" but I don't live in the burbs or in the woods either. So when I hear sounds of "nature" (ie, a tree falling in the forest--I hear that sounds loud), I don't know what that is. And it scares me. Like the sound in the shower earlier.

If I just walk away from something I'm looking for online on my laptop downstairs, I'll just come upstairs to my desktop the next evening and find it on the first click. That's just the way it is and the quicker I learn to just walk away, the better I will be. Maybe it works in scrap too. I think I want to go and play Sim City 4.

But first:

I love that guy cause:

He's big. And I'm never scared when he's around.
He buys me Reeses Peanut Butter eggs.
To put in the easter basket he made for me.
He doesn't blink an eye when I mention that I spent $100 on makeup. Never mind that I don't really wear it.
There is NOTHING that can be purchased that he can't find a coupon/deal/sale for. Nothing.
He looks HOT in his biker gear (as in cyclist, not Harley)
His eyes are GORGEOUS--especially when he's up to no good. Hard to be mad at that.
I always get at least two Krispy Kreme donuts per serving. I don't eat them. But he always makes sure that the other two b's do (smile).
He notices where every inch is missing. And he mourns the losses.
Patience like a mug. Be it for my insistance on still purchasing music online via itunes. My lofty "100 mile" goals. My "what is our password to the account again?" forgetfulness. my procrastination. No matter...he's patient in ways I just never knew possible.
He gets it. All of it. The easter bunny too.


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