Wednesday, March 26, 2008

10 days

Well, more than that even I guess. So much to say, no time to say it in. Life is pretty much, well, it is what it is. Work. Scrap. Love. Wedding. Life. It is what it is.

Of note.

My tulips finally died.
Ultimatums are not fun.
Being at work at 7 am is actually kinda fun.
Customer service is about dead in that "mid-range" know...that price point where it is more than the "well, you get what you pay for" range but is below the "of course the service is impeccable, you paid through the nose for it" range.
I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired
Will you also remember the day you became a Republican?
8 years could have been this October. 9 long years this November. About 8 this May/June. And on one page in one tiny book that saved my life last night, 14 years this July.

Times like this I miss her dearly. Desparately. To the point at being pissed off when other people (ahem) can't keep a phone on. Miss her too right about now. Time to call Liisa. Which I hate doing because the only time I ever do is when I want something I guess. Love her dearly and THAT is the true price of not having a reading day from home anymore--getting to this point and having no where to turn.

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T said...

Thanks for the comment. Oddly enough I had someone email today that I hadn't heard from in a couple years!

Love from Tejas