Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And you know...

...that I have plenty to say lately. But since I wouldn't know where to begin, I'll leave it at this:

[.] I typed a lot in that period. And for the sake of all things good and nice and "pc" I deleted it. I like my job. Like the folks I volunteer with. Like 60/40 in MS right on the heals of WY. But that race card I hear plays really well in some states where the gov is convinced folks vote against color. Right next door to the state where the gov done lost his damn mind. Politics just doesn't get much better than this cycle ya'll.

Blue, brown and orange. If you need more detail than that and you are not a bridesmaid, you've lost your mind too. It is four months away. I promise we'll get registered. And I promise you won't look a hot mess in your royal blue (NOT!) while everyone else is in periwinkle (really, not). Patience my dears. Patience.

Public website to go up soon--maybe this weekend. Finally narrowed down dress choices, go to try em on this weekend. Got the tuxes ordered up (which was a trip when old boy was all "so, do you need white or ivory shirts?" and I was all, oh yeah huh?)

Anyhow. Gotta check the budget. Found a FANTASTIC cake stand today and finally got the theme set out to actually go with that. Invites are almost all done--need to get parking passes done up and ready to mail. Gotta get those out before May 1 cause every penny counts when you're convinced you want "that dress" which, all things considered, really ain't happening. Back to Kaboodle I go. That place is a Godsend--I can swipe everything I see online there and save it for later. Good when you have no memory.

So gotta get back to work. Clothes to hang and all. Only 11 miles down. Somehow, when you leave the house in a nice mist in Seattle, you should expect to come home drenched. I almost did two more in the downpour but figured I should probably go home, dry out and not kill myself and negate the other 89. I better step that up eh? 19 days means 5 per day no days off. Gulp. Better start getting up earlier...


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