Sunday, March 02, 2008

Running around like chickens with our heads cut aliens

Martians to be exact. Last night:

"yeah, when we're under attack by the Martians, phone service is going to be the least of our worries."

We were discssuing just how going blind by watching a wall mounted plasma might be the equivalent of cable phone service getting you killed in an emergency (because it is the first thing to go...although it is the power that goes, not the cable and in that case you should use your cell phone unless of course your towers have been blown over by the attacking Martians. Or something like that). So we moved on.

Now don't get me wrong. It isn't that I don't like the OC. It isn't that I don't like Irvine. It IS that when we go to places like the Spectrum, there are lots of people like this one person I know. Well, more like the one person I know tries very hard to be like OC. No matter which way it goes, it just seems so superficial and fake to me. For the first time in like never, I actually walked past some "normal" people that didn't seem to be all about being what they're not. Case in point, subprime mortgage to have the home you don't really need, but to keep up with appearances. Anyhow. I'm just not a fan. How I managed to find one of the very few folks birthed through this place who actually isn't all about labels for the sake of labels (though he's convinced my next car will be the benz sitting out front) and who doesn't take 5 hours to go out for 20 minutes...well...lucky I guess. I love Seattle. Love it. Love being able to walk through the mall, see a comedy club or a movie theater and really be able to just walk right up and get great seats at a realistic price. Not about planning a movie three weeks in advance.

Someone is REALLY trying to get a hold of us. There goes the cell phone for the ninehundredth time today. It is barely 10 am. Really now. But I digress.

Seattle yes. OC no. I totally don't fit in here. Not that life is all about fitting in. But I don't feel calm here. Not in my nature. Now San Fran. I have a whole like 5 pages of randomness I was writing at that fantastic forum that I could get into. Another time I suppose. Another time. Because right now, it is far more entertaining to watch Rocko try to jump up on to the chair with the best view of the street. Didn't make it. Poor cutie.

Let me tell you. I can't wait to rake in enough cash to pull off a salt water aquarium. This thing is FASCINATING! Especially watching the clowning around clown fish.

Time to head out and get the inlaws situated. Then back out here for some beachy fun times at dinner. I don't know why I'm colder sittin' around here than I am back home but whatever. Speaking of back home. Got some really great pictures to share and get caught up from travels on the photo blog. I think my next goal will be to take pictures of lots of orange things to commemorate the trip to Orange County. Why not?

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