Sunday, April 09, 2006


Sigh. I'm pretty speechless.

Guess who now has cool pictures of tulip festival? Guess who has only one shot of the Camano Island Inn? Guess who finally threw down some chips at a Casino? Guess who loved every last moment of this past weekend and the cat she was with?

Oh wait...that would be me.

I have fantastic tulip festival kits cause my fantastic boyfriend gave me a digital camera for our anniversary. Yeah. Tell me about it. I felt kinda sappy with my gift to him...really wasn't much of anything in the greater scheme of things. But he was all about the whole "I just want you" for our anniversary. So that's what he got. Lovely.

So BF is so the full service type. I mean, yes, we established that I am spoiled beyond all belief. But he's the one most comfy at a full service (as in, don't have to plunge your own toilet...) hotel. One with valet and room service and...

Camano Island Inn...though voted one of the best places to kiss in the Northwest (I'll vote for that) and one of Travel & Leisure's Top 10 B& not a full service joint. They left our key for us in the flower pot because we arrived at like 10 pm.

We had a wonderful bottle of wine to go with our first night's hot tub soak and I've never slept so well in all my life.

Up early for the tulips and a trip to the casino. Back to the B&B for a bit of a nap. Up and out to dinner at Maximes (which, contrary to popular belief does NOT have live jazz on the weekends, BUT, to hear boyfriend tell it, they have a to-die-for Cowboy T-bone that was all of $20!). Food was good, company was great, the brownie taken back to our room was fantastic. But who needs desert when you can take another dip in the hot tub (did I mention it was out on the deck...and that said deck was on the beach...). Wow.

Finally ate the brownie, got to bed, woke for breakfast. Back to the room where we watched Jurasic Park II (now THAT is one for the record books) before checking out and making it back to Seattle in record time.

Which was good because bf had a bike to put together (and a trip to REI to become a card-carrying member of the yuppified Seattle crowd). And I had all sorts of scrap stuff to check up on. Found out some EXCELLENT news today on the three most important fronts of my life:

1. Personal--I'm still cared for and I am loved once again
2. Work--I reeled a big one in...and it was because I went that extra mile Friday night and
stayed 20 more minutes and read one more file to "make it personal"
3. Scrap - Whoa now. There are people out there that actually "know my work" And seek me
out! It's all about tiers. I was trying to play with the heavy hitters and it was Cornell rush
week all over again. thanks. But right where I'm at, I'm definitely in the
crowd...standing up and looking great.


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