Monday, April 03, 2006

Fun[ny} people and places to go

Am I addicted to eating sushi or what? Which is a bit funny since I have those texture issues and don't eat meat/fish...especially when it is raw.



This weekend was a BLAST!

Had my latest and greatest friends show up to the weekend at Bernie's. Well...the evening. Slaved away making enchiladas (totally f'd up the green ones...another time...another time) and had such FUN watching my people mix with his people and just ADORED seeing two of my fave folks get along with my most favoritist person. Life is good. Really good. I didn't take a single picture. Know why? Cause I'm not pimpin' them out and I don't need a picture to remember how fantastic that night was.

Saw SAW II. Wow. I'm not sleeping for days. I cannot even think about seeing one. I'm gagging thinking about it.

Yesterday, went and fed the ducks @ Greenlake. It's simple and I know some of you will think I'm ignorant for not knowing and others will think me way too simple for caring this much, but my bf never ceases to amaze me. Case in point:

He asked me if I knew that ducks mated for life...

...unless of course they get hit. (as in, by a car)

I did not know this. So I was amused by the fact that:

1. he knew it
2. the way he told me it gave me shivers
3. he could always find a way to make me laugh
4. he's all knowing.

On the way out of Greenlake there was a bit of a traffic jam as we all waited for a duck to cross the street. Who knew?

Hung out with his oh so traveling friend from the East (it is always cute to watch them together) and discussed travels for Sept/Nov or some such. A cruise eh? Maybe...or?

We shall see.

On the way home (to watch West Wing of course) we were waiting in cue to get on the 99 (there...cali rubbing off on me) and there was a tiny cute little mouse running in betwixt the cars. I wanted him to get out of the car and get him. I'm so sure he would have...if only I would have said we could take him home for Grayson.

Thursday is going to be here soon and I am so going to miss that little cutie. So going to miss her.

Almost like I miss him when, after Black.White, after West Wing...after all the Tivo is used up, I then packed it all up and go home. To my home.


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