Thursday, April 20, 2006

Coming back from Cali

Because I could do going back to cali, but we've gone and returned.

It was a short trip, but oh how I enjoyed seeing BF in his natural habitat. Here are some things you only see/do/get away with in California.

{in no particular order of course}

In can go 85 mph on "the 5" (I-5 to everyone east, south and north of Cali) and not pass a single soul.

In can pay LESS to fly into a vintage airport (ie, Long Beach). Personally, I think you should be charged more because not only do you get a convenient (enough) flight, but you ALSO get a trip to an air museum tossed in for free. Time to capitalize on that...

In California...there are 5 lanes (plus a private toll road's worth) of traffic in the absolute middle of NOWHERE at 11 pm on a Thursday night.

In California...there is valet parking at the hospital (I kid ya not...)

In can play craps at the table, but there will be no dice (how crappy is that?!)

In can get Menudo at the Sizzler brunch (complete with all the fixins!) in Perris.

In will be told that it is a 45 minute wait at Cheesecake Factory. They will gauge your willingness to commit and then tell you to come back in 30 minutes before they will even give you a blinky thing. THEN, you'll REALLY begin the 45 minute wait which means (do the math) you're really waiting for an hour and 15 minutes for a table. To top it all off, they will watch you limp over to PF Changs and laugh mercilessly at you when you come back after finding out the wait is 2 HOURS over there. Density factor as BF likes to often say.

In can sneak into really posh resorts, give them a bogus room number and your real last name and they're not going to stop you (or any of the other 900 people) from going to the pool. Try it. Trust me on this one...

In California...when the above doesn't work (only because there are too many people to actually swim...density factor again), you can wait until the sun goes down and then sneak into the old folks pool and swim in water that is actually cooler than the air temp...even though the pool is heated!

In can watch your light turn green and still watch 3-4 MORE cars take the red in the other direction (apparently, traffic signals are mere suggestions...)

One more to grow on...

In can leave the top down when you leave the car behind. Word. All about the convertible...even if it is merely a domestic.

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