Thursday, January 28, 2010

Throw Back Thursday (1/21) - White House Invite

Back in July, I went to DC.

Next Thursday (since blogger and scheduled posts are going to cause me to do damage tonight), I will talk a bit about how I got all party crasher on Frank. This week, let's start here.

So in DC, Robert being the finance and government geek that he is arranged quite a few awesome events for us. One of those events which required all sorts of background checks which I seriously thought I was NOT going to pass (not that I have history, but I am a member of my family so...) was a tour of the Capitol.

Believe it or not, Robert was actually NOT our tour guide. And though David proved to be super knowledgable, he wasn't our guide either (though he did fill in quite a few of the gaps/details for me). We actually had a staffer and an intern from Congressman McDermott's office give us a fantastic tour of...the tunnel. That we couldn't enter. Because there was a vote in process? And then there wasn't? So we turned all the way around and went back in the tunnel to check out the children's artwork from schools across the country and I thought to myself, "I so would rather be in the Senate or the House chamber watching that right now." Well, because of course we had tickets. To both. And time (before the next gig) to really only do one. I got to choose and chose the Senate since the House was blabbering about God only knows what. Wait. That was the Senate too. All to say I was fascinated and I want that job someday.

We were a bit rushed for time because we had a tour of the White House. Now. I am the world's biggest West Wing junky. As a matter of fact, I think I just may go watch an episode now. Why yes I have it on standby. Perhaps it is on tivo. Perhaps.

In any event, I'd never been to/inside the White House before. And though there were places I would have rather seen ('chelle, invite me upstairs girl!), the places I did see moved me. Not to tears (it was just a little something in my eye - maybe some pollen from all those gorgeous fresh flowers). But that I could say "I've been there" when I see certain places on tv (okay, on West Wing) and dream about a day when I will officially be invited to an event of some sort there (heck - invite me to clean toilets...I'll pay my own way AND bring my toothbrush).

Speaking of toilets and toothbrushes, I think IJTU. memories of the flares going off and the punishment for not manning your post from the movie Jarhead just flashed through my mind and I'm going to have to really go puke now.

Bleh. Toilets.


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