Friday, January 08, 2010

Oy this blogging thing is ROUGH

Cause I know I should like be in bed right now because I’m going to fall asleep on my long commute to work otherwise.
Instead, I feel a pressing need to update my blog.  Now that I have LiveWriter installed again and all.
How about a couple of pictures tonight.  I know most of the country is cold so a few warm shots should hold you over:
PVMX09 Lodging6
This is from the warm resort days of our Mexico vacation last summer (July 2009).  I loved this trip because we stayed at three very different hotels and they were all my favorites.  It was awesome.  This shot is of the resort pool experience.

Though the sun certainly set on this evening (well, I guess it would be yesterday evening now) a long time ago, this photo reminds me of sunnier times.  This was also from the amazing Mexico trip.  I think (though I can’t be certain once you read this) that I might have been at a certain establishment sipping a certain beverage expected to be sipped on a trip to Mexico.  And that for the whole night, I was teased by someone that I imagined that little ship out there.  And that even when I showed photographic evidence of it throughout the trip, I was still told I was seeing things.  Go figure.
I can’t believe the first full week of 2010 is in the books just about.  It feels like I JUST got back from the land of sunshine and oranges.  Of course I have photos of the great OC Swap Meet (pullease…El Paso does it right…I was not impressed), random trips to casinos, almost free hotel nights and just general lazy lounging with the coolest dude on the planet. Who knew that T-Mobile employees (at least in Cali) could be fired for trying to help you figure out what in tarnation is wrong with your friggin’ phone.  And also, who knew that you could go from “Wife needs a new phone…let’s get her a Cliq” to, well, how about you just take my Blackberry because I ordered, had shipped and just received my new Google phone.”  I’m just saying. 
I might need to get me a NexusOne.  That thing is so flip flappin’ awesome.  I’d be afraid to mangle and drop it of course (cause that kind of thing happens to me all the time) but my hubby is the more responsible one among us anyhow so I’ll just admire his from afar.
PVMX09 Lodging2
One more pool shot.  This was the first hotel we stayed at.  With the most awesome pool top deck ever.  I’ll have to tell you the story of how I lost all innocence staying at this hotel.  Or at least how I managed to be all big and bold American “who you talking to” for the most awesome midnight swim of my life. 
So many great memories from that trip.       I tell ya.

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