Monday, January 18, 2010

What we wanted - What we Got (Granite Countertops)

Number 29 on our list was granite countertops.
I think I'm to blame for that one.

Granted, when we were looking at most of the places we stopped in on, granite was pretty standard. Even in the older, remodeled homes. So of course we figured we'd go with the flow there.

You can't really tell that much in the photo above, but we have shiny, BLACK, granite countertops. They looked awesome when we previewed the house. And now, I think they purposefully were crafted to only shine up with my tears. Or my sweat. Or really, a bit of both.

They are awesome to look at. Until someone drops a crumb on them (quite a frequent occurence if you like toasted "everything" bagels) or leaves anything with a bead of water on my countertops. Thankfully, I'm not as OCD as some folks have accused me of being (ahem) so I just go with it. But if I had my way, they would actually be something other than shiny black granite because 99% of my time spent cleaning in this house (yes, I know...but go with me here) is spent on wiping, drying, glossing and glazing those counters. Sure, they look gorgeous, but if I have to deal with someone NOT doing all 90 of those steps above on my counters again...

Don't even get me started on the glass cooktop.


Anonymous said...

looks like you got an awesome new home! Congrats!

Tracy said...

Granite counter tops (drool).

I wish, but ya the crumbs would drive me over the top.