Monday, January 18, 2010

What we wanted - What we Got (High Ceilings)

Coming to the end of our list, #31 was high ceilings. See, I can read that one:
I don't have a bunch of main level photos yet, but those ceilings are the tallest in our place. They are huge. The video that better not make "the internets" demonstrates the house of giants. But we're tall folks...vertically challenged folks might be a bit intimidated in there. What I love about most of our big walls is that they come with big windows.

This is the main set of windows in my Master before blinds and drapes.

This next photo shows the ledge at the high water mark in the bedroom. I had a great photo of the vault in the room, but I've been fighting blogger all night so we'll have to revist that in the before/after decor shots in the next series. For now, the ledge below is above the oversized doors. It's kinda cool to see my husband not have to duck through any doors (he's 6'6" and he didn't have to duck through standard doors, but now he kind of looks "short" relative to entryways).

Outside of our bedroom on the top floor, they are pretty standard size ceilings (with oversize doors), same in the "Mom Please Move in" level. I'll have to measure the main floor. I know we had a 9 foot tree and room to spare.

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