Sunday, January 17, 2010

What we wanted - What we Got (Fireplaces)

Skipping quickly passed those we did not get (more on that in another post shortly), we landed on "well, sure no one builds new with real fire anymore but can't you make an exception??"
#28 on our list was a real fireplace.
In our last place, we had a gas fireplace. It stunk to high heaven because we never used it because it stunk so bad. Not like gas, but like "hey, I can tell the fireplace is on because I can smell it when I walk into the house."

While we didn't get real fireplaces in our new house, we did get two fireplaces. There were a few places with fireplaces in the master bedroom and even the master bathroom that I was coveting, but I actually really like the two we have.

This fireplace is our main fireplace on the main level. Robert took the photo and had it printed on metalic paper. It is awesome and goes so well with colors already in place.

And then down in the "Mom Please Move in With Us" space, is the other fireplace. The color is growing on me.

At least in the dark it is.

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