Saturday, January 16, 2010

What we wanted - What we Got (Upstairs Laundry)

Honestly, #22 on this list was not added by me.
So for a while, I've been going through the What we Wanted, What we Got series here.
You can find the other entries (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) at those links.

I go as long as possible before doing laundry. I'm the girl who will go shop a lingerie sale before doing laundry. That and I've learned long ago that the best way to preserve my relationship is for him to do his laundry and me to do mine. I mean, I get the sorting colors and whites thing. It's the rest of the label reading that I just don't make much time for. And understanding what all those assorted laundry liquids are for. All I know is that 120 count box of Bounce dryer sheets has lasted like half a year. No. Joke.

All said, once he mentioned that we should have an upstairs laundry, I fully agreed. Generally, we knew we'd be moving into a multilevel house. Maybe that was subconscious, but I'd say it wasn't on purpose. All things said, with the multi levels, we then said we wanted a place with an upstairs master. With an upstairs master, we wanted a laundry upstairs because it is hard enough to get me to fold and put away my laundry when I DON'T have to haul it up and down 40 stairs.

He knows me well.

I love our side by side. We could stack them on top of each other but we think we'll probably build pedestals for these two (more because we're tall than because we want to store stuff), create a counter across the top of them (for folding clothes) and then have some rod work across the wall above these for hanging clothes as we do laundry. Across from these, in the same laundry room, is a huge soaker sink. I think I want to do some shelving above it. To store what, I dont' know...we don't have much going on in our laundry room because the only thing I hate worse than washing clothes is ironing them. To that, I'd like to keep the ironing board tucked behind the door (out of sight, out of mind) and do some framed art on the walls. We shall see.

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