Thursday, January 28, 2010

Throw Back Thursday (1/28) - Congressman! Over Here!

To make sure I'm a better blogger this year (and to ensure that I don't have to type things over and over and over again and put my computer screen in danger when Blogger does the Blogger thing and continues to make my life miserable), I'm going to schedule posts this year.

Most will NOT be breaking news (I'll be sure to try and blog those as they happen) but all will be deeper dives into posts like this one which, I've really used as a crutch in the past to mind dump, and then completely forget what I was talking about.

If you have a request for a post from one of those lists, just shoot me a line at and I'll throw the order of the universe off if I have a moment and satisfy your stalkerish needs.

So let's go.

Barney Frank, July 2009
Health Care is all the rage
This past July, Robert's good friends S & C were getting married. In DC. We had a day before and after the wedding to explore. Because I'm married to the 2nd biggest government geek of them all (love you honey! But S has you beat there) we didn't just "go to DC". Oh no. We WENT to DC.
On this day, we had a tour with Representative McDermott's office. In the midst of taking pictures while we waited patiently for our "not really a tour guide, tour guide" to figure out how to get us back where we needed to go, I looked up on the Cap steps. At the top was a group of important looking men that had just come out of some session. I started snapping photos from afar and Robert turned to look and said, "Give me your camera". He snatched my hand and we bolted off in a mad sprint (I thought we were going to be shot by the dudes with rifles standing around guarding the building) over to this one dude. Robert says "Is that...?" and I say "Oh crap. That's Barney Frank!"
I'm still all about "I've got great zoom, stop so I can take a picture". Robert, Mr. I-Used-To-Be-A-Security-Guard sprints right up to Representative _____ (R- I assume) TX and shoves my camera in his hands and says "Mr. Frank, would you mind taking a picture with me and my wife?" Poor Rep No-One from TX is like "dude! I'm a CONGRESSMAN! I don't snap pictures" but he graciously took the shot above.
Then I had to oblige him with a shot of he and I because Representative Frank was all "Too bad neither of you is from TX because Rep ____[I forget his name] here is from TX".
I don't recall if Robert threw me under the bus or if I stepped under it but it was revealed that as a matter of fact, I AM from TX and so...the shot that isn't posted commenced.
Add this one to my wall of political bliss.

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