Friday, January 15, 2010

What we wanted - What we Got (Paint and Steel)

We were certainly people that don't need to be taught a lesson twice. After a long weekend of painting and 4 years of a "never really white" Craigslist side by side fridge, #19.5 was paint on the walls, #20 was stainless appliances and #26 was a side by side fridge only because I knew I would get my way for an upgrade here if I just mentioned "4 years!"

In our old house, in about one long weekend and a few hours, we transformed the place. We have some pretty mellow ideas when it comes to color and had a nice neutral but noticable bit going in the bedroom. It was awesome.

We had a minty fresh green (which he hated) in the living room. Worked well with wood tones, our green furniture and the orange accents.

We converted the yellow mancave to a girly green family entertainment room. I cried when we picked out the color thinking it was hideous and I wanted a pale blue. He talked me out of it definitely not knowing this is the color that would result. I love this color and would love it in my new house. Love it enough to even commit to painting something in my house this color. Keep this next photo in mind.

In our new house, you will notice that there are lots of gray tones. Some look a little more tan in my photos, but they are all shades of beautiful gray.

And then there is this:

W.T.F. That is the downstairs level. I call it "chili pepper red". Who does this to a perfectly good wall? The shocker? It totally grew on me as you'll see when I get around to the Christmas photos. And that green furniture? It actually goes remarkably well in here. Who knew. All said, there is just absolutely NO EXCUSE for this though:

Oh. My. God. This is my friggin' scrap room. I would say they wanted it to be a nursery but what child could ever sleep in a room this hideously bright? It's obnoxious. I've not scrapped in here yet. It sucks my creativity because I get so distracted with all the other colors I could paint my room with my little bottles of craft paint. Ick.
Then I get the munchies. And all is well when I go downstairs and open my hard fought and hard won french door fridge. I LOVE this fridge. Almost as much as my husband.

Just saying.

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