Friday, January 15, 2010

What we wanted - What we Got (Great Room Concept)

So then. Blogger is going to be fun tonight. I can already tell.

Skipping along down the wish list because 1) some of these items are covered by default in another post because we got a bit repetitive with creative use of similar words and 2) I just don't have photos of some of this stuff and I'm already getting bored with the wish list:

We are now here. At #15. We wanted a great room concept that was really open with few walls. Clearly, we don't have kids that we want to hide stuff from. Yet.

In the old place, we had sort of a great room concept. Mostly because we just had really big and open and airy rooms (we lived in a 2200 SF condo...the rooms were pretty big). Best photo of the great room concept is below - this was the view from our living room towards the staircase and powder room with the "yellow" room in the background which is the dining room on the other side of the kitchen. So it was "great" to entertain there because you could see clear across the house with few obstructing walls.

In our new place, we (okay I went) a bit nutso when we walked in cause this is the hallway:

Surely, number 27 on the list is "hallway". For some reason, he was opposed to any hallways. I like hallways because they are truly non-functional walls with lots of space for photos. I got that in spades on this house. But this entry hallway is actually awesome because on the right side of this photo, there are actually art cubbies on the wall. In the house video tour that better the hell NOT end up on the internets (namely, because it actually starts out with "Welcome to [our address]! Come on in" and love ya'll much but...let's hold off on the uninvited guests for a while.

I was saying. On the video, you actually see the canvas we made for someone (who me?!) to paint and put on said walls. The canvas making was a DIY project for the ages in itself. I'll take photos...promise.

On another tangent, you will also notice number 19 (wood floors - REAL wood floors...requested by the girl who never had to deal with shiny new wood floors and keeping them that way) in the photo above.

Moving on.

#15. The Great Room Concept. Once you come down the hallway in the previous photo, you land at those columns. One one side of said colums is number 30 - a dining room. Great room concept and all, it is not a separate walled off space, but it is where our 10 seater rests it's weary, well-traveled, table legs. The view is from the kitchen (#14 - check, we have a kitchen). On the right closer to the bottom edge, you can see the wine bar. Farther back, you can see my fave staircase in the house. There's more than one. The downstairs one is growing on me.

On the other side of the columns is this:

The living room. That cubby is the soon to be custom built entertainment center built in that my better half is working on. Well, right now, he is muttering about the difficulty in buidling his own speakers. Come Saturday, maybe that will be done. Maybe more like Sunday.

More photos of what we've done with this space to come. It is huge, and it was an awesome entertaining space for watching the Cowboys whip the Eagles - for the second week in a row. Bring it Minnesota. Bring. It.

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Tamany said...

His parents had the hallway from hell.... you felt like you were being sucked into an abyss....

not to mention it takes up perfectly good living space, which can be utilized much better than a "tunnel to knowhere"