Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Democrats deserved a whuppin'

What. The. F...

Floored. Not that Coakley lost in Massachusets. Because the same thing Obama haters accuse "us" (Kool Aid drinkers) of happened tonight - tell folks some of something they desparately want to believe and holy high water they will take it all hook, line and sinker.

I will never, ever, EVER understand why some folks in this country are Republican. That is NOT a knock on titles and stereotypes and all the rest of the mess (remember, I've been accused of being a closet one of them when I start to talking from time to time). It IS a knock on how you could be a down with anyone who was just so violently against your own self-interests.

Back when George ran his own Sunday show and didn't sell out to ride the early morning couch, he would have great folks on his show. I don't remember which of the Roundtables it was or who said it, but the only time I came close to understanding how certain folks could be Republican (you know who you are...bare with me) was when he noted that folks tend to vote what they want to be. Democrats vote this idealistic "everyone come together" enlightened ticket because that's what they want to be. Right before they say something crazy like "well, you know those women can just be so emotional and those blacks on the internets are nothing like you, so I mean no offense". Seriously. Someone said that to me back in my black power, Barack the Vote days. Seriously.

Republicans vote all "government hands off my money" (that I don't really have because I'm unemployed and totally relying on the government to pay me unemployment, get me WIC and Food Stamps and provide a bailout so I can stay in the house I never should have "bought" in the first place) because one day they want to be rich.

Never mind that as long as you live in dreamy lala land and as long as you vote for folks who will cut off that helping hand you so deservedly need in your time of crisis, we'll get this.

More gridlock.

What I AM surprised about is how Martha, also campaigning to be a "first" (she would have been the first woman senator from Massachusets) would so stupidly rely on the very same playbook that didn't work out so hot for that other infamous she-pol not so long ago. Martha, meet Hillary. Hillary, Martha. Mucho gusto.

I actually think it is a GOOD thing Dem's lost this seat. Yeah, it will delay health care. But if we actually show up to play the game (hint, Democrats should NOT hire any Cowboys to coach that game because, evidently, there have been a lot of folks missing the bus lately), this is such a sweet victory. Republicans can't help but to get punch drunk with these "oh this is a referendum on Obama" and go balls to the wall blocking everything. The smart Dem strategist (or hell, the dumb blogger chick) can mine that for days.

I mean really, the economy is starting to tick up and then it comes back to really - who's the demon for blocking your access to health care? I wonder.

Granted, unemployed, disgruntled folks have a lot more time to sit in line and wait to vote. BUT, if Repubs are going to block everything for the next year or three anyhow, that will get Obama back to doing what he does best - speeches and campaigning and getting people fired up. I like people fired up and engaged. And those Republicans who tell you they don't are lying. How the hell else do you win a seat like they won in Massachusets if you don't like folks fired up and engaged. Perhaps even enranged. Guess sick people don't have the energy to get enraged.

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