Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What we wanted - What we Got (Walk In Closet)

In the continued journey through our wish list, #3 on our list was walk in closets.

In our last place, though the photo below doesn't show it, we didn't have any dressers or "functional" storage (I'm all about the useless, fru fru, decorative stuff) in our bedroom because we had an awesome walk in closet that is just to the left in the picture below:

In our new place, this is the crazy state of our master closet right now:

Now. I love that I am married to a super handy dude. Who is also remarkably artistic in ways I never knew (beyond the photography skills at that). He has sketched out an awesome draft of what our closet will one day look like. Since he guards all his important papers from me by throwing them into a heaping pile of God knows What that I would never go near to save my life, I can't scan a photo of that for you. well that and his printer doesn't have a scanner and my printer...well...back to this post on why I really need more of a Bernadette office than I need a bonus room.

The closet after I'm certain will look slightly less a hot mess than it does above.

All that to say that, I get a bit anxious walking into my closet no because the white wire racks are a pet peeve of mine. Sure, they are nice end, quality stuff, BUT, for the rest of the attention to detail in this place, would it have killed folks to use wood or something? This is almost up there with wire hangers for me. But then again, if you look closely, you'll notice that someone is infamouse for using wire hangers too. I deal with it. Marriage. All about compromise. And ridding my closets of wire (hangers, shelving, etc) one small step at a time.

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