Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What we wanted - What we Got (Big Back Yard/View)

Number 10 on our wish list was a big backyard closely followed by a view.

In our old place, we lived in a condo where the common areas were less than fun. That whole lawsuit thing and cutting our losses before the work was complete so that we could move from a backyard which showcased views like this when looking towards our house:

To a house that showcased views like this from across the way:

Kind of dreamy huh? Well, from our backyard, we now look out onto the "lake" and the course. Ultimately, our yard will be an extension of all that gorgeousness.

I say ultimately because when you have a large yard, that means you get to do actual yard work.

This is my better half sweating bullets on the first run of his first ever lawn mower. You should have seen him buying that gig in Sears. It was such a cute and tender moment. I'll have to unearth those photos. He was sweating bullets not only of the "am I doing this right" nature, but also because well, our yard was a crazy weed patch when we moved in. There was some sort of maintenance when we came and saw it the first time. By the time we actually moved in a month and some change later, those weeds were THICK. We pulled up about a quarter of them by hand before he was convinced by a very kind neighbor that if he just set that bad boy to mulch, he could just run it over the weeds and take his chances with seeding. We did.

Don't know if he expected Jack and the Beanstalk results in the two or three weeks we had before the first official frost, but I saw tiny shoots of green this past fall and still do to this day. He's of course panicked that he shall not have a perfectly manicured lawn in time for summer. Thankfully, we just got an awesome patio set off Craig's List so we can sit on the deck upstairs and completely bypass views of our own yard for a hot minute.

Soon as the rain and driving winds stop.

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