Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What we wanted - What we Got (Add'l Full Bath)

Number 8 on our list was an additional full bath. Essentially, the girl with no kids wanted a place outside of her master suite sanctuary where kids could be scrubbed and rid of their filth in a tub.

Unfortunately, for many reasons, I do not have a photo of our additional full bath or our powder room from the old place. Unfortunate because the powder room color, though lovely for a powder room, would have been a nice transition into my photos of the shocking color on our walls in the Mom Please Move in With Us Suite. Unfortunate also because the shower curtain in our staged additional full bath would have transitioned nicely to the shower curtain I purchased for our new additional full bath.

Above is our main living additonal full bath. This is on the upper floor (with most bedrooms) and has an awesome waffle weave white shower curtain. It's white because I don't have kids. And there is an awesome tealight candle holder deal on the dual vanity countertop - also because I don't have kids. But actually, since I paid 4.99 for that shower curtain at goodwill (and another $1 for the liner at Big Lots) I think I WOULD rock it with kids. It's almost disposable at that price. Almost.

Speaking of powder rooms and additional baths, this is the new powder room on the main level (remember, it is lower, main and upper level in our house - this one is on the main level where we entertain those who dare make the treck out here). The walls here are this really deep awesome gray. With the hardwood floors and pedestal sink, I totally love this small piece of heaven.

Not photographed yet, we also have another full additional bath (be careful what you wish for) all the way down on the lower level in the Mom Please Move in With Us Suite.

Just saying.

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