Thursday, November 29, 2007

And the winners...

...all three of ya from the bloggiversary post. No...not twice Traci...slow your roll lol. I got a bunch of email posts too but I think it only fair to separate out the winners since I didn't make it totally clear how to respond via email or here. So Email winners, you should have an email from me if you're the quiz winner (ahem...Beckster--going back to high school old school days lol) or if you're the random winner (Mr. Close but not quite rhymes with Cigar superstar #2 in my life...sorry...someone else claimed the official title first), ya'll have emails so just be sure to respond.

But here on the blog...Christina you win the quiz part, Traci you won the random pull and Tara I'd love to send ya something just because. Blog winners, shoot me an email at with your mailing addys (you too Traci just in case) and between Traci and Christina let me know your preferences between the Target card or the scrap stash. Remember, if you both want Target, you'll split it; if you both want scrap, first one to claim it gets the book in it. But I've got more than plenty scrap stuff to share.

Thanks for playing!

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Christina said...

Yay!! So excited!! Thanks!