Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A few decisions... list format because well you know why (smile).

10. Brooklyn - get a life lol. Girl you know what I'm talking 'bout. lol
9. Ms. Jourdan. I got the spinach, I got the pine nuts, I got the penne. Where are YOU at?
8. Customer service is still very alive and very well at Canlis.
7. I didn't want to, but I had to DQ Palace. That they don't know their own minimums, that they can't send you a general price list, that they want to charge you HOW MUCH per person and not throw in some complimentary service? Does, hell go with no? I thought so.
6. Two days on, five days off. I might manage.
5. On really being grown. Don't know about the sexy part, but definitely growed up.
4. Dummies are great! I've finished the most major one (of the invite).
3. Photographers are better. Especially when they shoot with the same goods you do.
2. Holy Trinity. Get back to me already. I know I know, but it eases my slowly developing ulcer.
1. WTC on hold. Officially. Making progress, making progress.

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kim brimhall said...

are you in seattle? my husband grew up there and he is actively looking to find a job out there so we can move back there. im a little worried about the weather any advice.

ps thanks for the comment on my daughters picture. i didnt even realize how cute it was until i put in on the computer:)