Monday, November 12, 2007

You know... is probably not a good idea to think about taking your iPod anywhere NEAR your reception if you can't even figure out how to turn up the !(#*#) volume on the thing. Or it takes you half an hour to figure out how to hook it up to your speakers at home.

I'm just saying.

So...we went and looked at places to do the reception. You narrow it down from fourhundredtwentyseven choices to like two? Well. I think we pretty much accomplished that.

While this would be a great place to get married on the water (literally!)

It really is not an option because of the stairs.

Alas...accessibility not as huge an issue for them since they are technically a vessel, not a building. Sigh

While I kind of liked the intimacy and set up of this place:

The location and the view were pretty attrocious for being so close to the water:

Maybe if we have to find an off site cater. But even then, they didn't have any more space for Thanksgiving seatings so I don't even know if the food would be worth it.
This one was his favorite:

and I'm warming to it because they actually do have a blue option as well

That and the fact that the connections and the price are just so right. Just about enough space to have a dance floor if necessary (I'm thinking not). Bar would be pricey but hey...and he loves it because it is totally Seattle. View, location, etc. Very convenient for folks coming in to stay at the Marriott right next door.
So far my fave has been:

Which of course could have been because they were already setting up in my colors. But really, I loved the location (westin for guests...or King's Inn or even the Ramada for those on a bit more of a budget). AND it is right by the monorail (not the train) AND it is right up the way from the Space Needle AND there are so many urban photography options for wedding photos and...okay. Clearly you know my fave. But it would be, I'm starting to think, about TWICE the cost of his fave space. Sigh.
One last option is Canlis:

But that is some serious budget sacrificing. Which means I need to go and look at the guest list again...small wedding, small wedding...small wedding.

Lots of great interior set up shots with no appointments cause I am attached at the hip to that guy who is all about "Just tell them you're thinking of doing a wedding here and they'll let you in while they're setting up." And of course they did.

Good looking out.


Anonymous said...

Okay, the 2nd would be my choice. I love how it still feels cozy but can handle a wedding. Looks like a cool urban lounge. Ohhh, I'm so excited for you.

ChrisS said...

oooh I SO remember trying to find the perfect place - I love both yours and his favourites! Did you decide to go with blue and brown?